Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Renee John scrub products be used in any professional office?

    Renee John products are versatile, practical and comfortable and are based on high fashion that can be worn during work hours. After hours, Renee John pieces are flexible with:

    • Shoes changes
    • You favorite jewelry for each social setting
    • Make up upgrades
    • Hair styles

    Where are Renee John uniforms made?

    We manufacture all products in New York, NY.

    What shoes do I wear with Renee John?

    Any shoes you love! Clogs, tennis shoes, loafers, wedge sneakers, heels… as long as you feel good.

    Is custom embroidery an option?

    Yes, we can provide custom embroidery as required to meet any customer’s specific needs. Since embroidered clothing are non-returnable, we would highly recommend that you order the anticipated size(s), receive the delivery and ensure your sizing is correct prior to embroidery. Once product sizing is confirmed, we can embroidery as required, for an additional fee.

    What is RenFiber?


    The exclusive Renee John RenFiber™ utilizes antimicrobial and moisture wicking finishes to create the most progressive and versatile fabric available for scrubs. We met the challenge to offer professional suiting for the medical industry that demanded clothing made of a fabric which:

    • Is very durable and wrinkle resistant (can be washed over and over and will not fade)
    • Does not require dry cleaning-simply wash & dry
    • Feels soft and comfortable under all working conditions
    • Incorporates the durability of a synthetic fiber
    • Will not sag in the butt, elbows or knees
    • Looks professional in all working and social environments

    How do these uniforms fit compared to other options?

    We understand that individual clothing fit is key to comfort.  Renee John is designed to fit each body figure(s) better than any other medical clothing product(s) that are available.  We utilize numerical sizes to assure this custom fit and are meticulous about the design: all darts and proportions are strategically located to complement the woman’s body.  Additionally, the RenFiber’s stretch feature allows the fabric to conform to individual curves and movements.

    How do I care for Renee John uniforms?

    Wash and dry the clothing on low temperature, but avoid fabric softeners and washing with textured fabrics such as towels to avoid pilling. Although RenFiber is pre-shrunk, like any knit, expect a ½ inch of shrinkage from the length after washing.

    Can I write off uniform costs on my taxes?

    Please contact your local tax professional for legal tax advice for your particular situation.  However, in many cases if you itemize your taxes, and the total cost to purchase your dedicated office clothing is over 2% of you adjusted gross income for that year, you may be able to write off a portion of these costs.